Gajanand Ganthoda Powder

Ganthoda, also known as Pipramul is normally used in powder form with equal mix of Dry Ginger or Sonth Powder, Jaggery and water to help with gastric troubles and joint pains. Ganthoda is derived from a rhizoid which is like Ginger root. Ganthoda should be free from dust, stones or ant-debris before making the Powder. The Powder should be Dry and without any lumpiness.

Gajanand Ganthoda Powder is made from the best quality of Ganthoda. It can be stewed in boiling water to make herbal tea. To which honey is often added as a sweetener, sliced orange or lemon fruit may also be added. In Gujarat, Ganthoda powder is used in preparing Vasanu that helps to keep the body warm and makes our body free from joint pains. It is also used in many Indian recipes and Chinese cuisines to flavor dishes.

Package Size - 50g, 100g.