(1) Add 500 ml. water to the Gajanand Khaman Mix (not the masala pack), mix thoroughly and keep aside for 15 minutes. Take a large vessel, put a round stand inside and boil the water

(2) Apply oil on the inner surface of a deep, round plate (Thali) of about 1 ft. diameter and place it into the vessel. Now add masala pack content into the batter, whip it and spread onto the plate. Put the cloth-tied lid tightly over the vessel and let the batter steam for 15 minutes.

(3) Take the vessel off the burner and allow it cool for 10 minutes. Now cut Khaman into square pieces and put them in other bowl for sizzling. Take 100g vegetable oil, 5g mustard seeds, 1g asafoetida and 25 g green chilli pieces and sizzle. Add to it 400 ml. water and 100-125g sugar and allow it to boil for 3 minutes. Pour the boiling sizzle evenly over Khaman pieces.

(4) Garnish Khaman with fresh coriander leaves and shredded coconut.

Note: Masala pack content to be added just prior to putting batter in thali for steaming.