Rava Idli



(1) Add 400 ml water and 200 gm curd in Gajanand Rava Idli Mix and mix properly to avoid lumps. (Note: You can use 600 ml buttermilk instead of water and curd.)

(2) Keep the mixture aside for 15 minutes. (3) Boil 1000 ml water in the Idli Cooker and put greased Idli mould to heat.

(4) Whip the mixture before steaming and quickly pour it in the preheated mould. (5) Close the lid and steam the Idlis for 15-20 minutes at high flame.

(6) Remove the mould from the cooker, let it cool for 10 minutes and then de-mould the Idlis. (7) Serve Idlis with sambhar(made with Gajanand Sambhar Masala) and coconut chutney. Note: Avoid leakage of steam from the cooker.)